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Tran Nguyen ~  " - When We Vomit carcasses of Unattended Thoughts “
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horoscope: Pisces
  illustration: Yoshimi Uchida 

Pisces: from “Greek mythology of love” Yoshimi Uchida
        June 1981 My birthday = My Birthday
        posted on pages 51-56 Volume 3, No. 8, No. 29 Tsukan
        to the National Diet Library The library has

So as not to become separated for,
the child Eros and Afroditi that was tied with a ribbon tail of each.

One day, God and Afroditi of beauty, adorable Sonoko Eros, had to walk the banks of the Euphrates river flowing gently. However, as if to break the stillness of the water sparkling, suddenly, there is also 100 neck that Tifon, monster spewing fire from the eyes and mouth is robbed the Futari. Eros and Afroditi you surprised at the monster, so as not to get separated on the way to dive into the Euphrates, and transformed into a fish, to escape, and ran away connected by a ribbon firmly the tail of each other. It is said that this fish of two dogs, one animal and the other represents the body, one animal spirit.

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Back to the Future | Kuo Zei Yang
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George Ault, Bright Light at Russell’s Corners, 1946
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Sergio Macedo
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A deep sea octopus (Muusoctopus johnsonianus) encountered on a fault scarp during a geologic traverse on the Submarine Ring of Fire 2002 expedition of the NOAA Ocean Explorer Program.
(via: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research)
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Towers in the distance
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RAW現像 on Flickr.
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Hans Holbein - Portrait eines Edelmannes mit Falken by petrus.agricola on Flickr.
Hans Holbein - Portrait eines Edelmannes mit Falken [1542] The Hague Mauritshuis
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Greg “Craola” Simkins
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Opaque  by  andbamnan